VPN’s – The Best Way to Stay Safe and Secure at Your Hotel and on The Road

One of the realities of life in the 21st century is the ever-increasing need to stay connected. When you’re on the road, maintaining that connection can be even more important and more necessary than when you’re at home.  From work emails to paying bills, to Skype-ing with the kids before bed – life doesn’t stop just because you’re traveling.

Luckily, VPN services exist. A VPN (or “virtual private network”) is a way to connect to the internet that provides privacy and security while you’re traveling and allows you to connect from almost any country in the world – no matter where you’re actually sitting. By connecting through a VPN service, you can mask your true IP address, secure all of your internet traffic with high-level encryption, and bypass firewall blocks on certain websites – which can be particularly useful when traveling internationally.

We’ve compiled a list of the three best VPN services on the market – all of which are easy to set up and can be used on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Below, you’ll find three of the best VPN’s you can purchase for all of your secure internet needs.

Best VPN Service #1: PureVPN

First up in the list of best VPN services is PureVPN, a fantastic, flexible service with a ton of connection options.  PureVPN is one of the best VPN’s on the market and is endorsed by many of the top tier technology publications out there. Instead of licensing connection points around the world, PureVPN has built their own server infrastructure, which guarantees great performance and even better encryption security.

One of the key reasons to use a VPN service is safeguarding your personal information. When using a public Wi-Fi network, there’s always a risk that a bad actor on that same network could snoop on your internet traffic. While that seems like an unlikely scenario at times, there’s absolutely no reason to take that risk when easy and inexpensive options exist to keep you safe. Connecting through PureVPN encrypts your data with high-level encryption technology, so as soon as the data leaves your computer, it’s completely obscured to anyone attempting to capture it. Credit card numbers, emails, social security numbers – all completely safe.

PureVPN is an industry leader when it comes to performance. By operating their own server structure, they can keep speeds high anywhere in the world – you’re only limited by the speed of your local connection. Many other VPN services purchase bandwidth from other companies to offer access, meaning those servers could be shared by thousands of other users, slowing your traffic down. But PureVPN doesn’t have that issue – speeds stay high, while the cost stays low.

Speaking of cost, this is yet another area where PureVPN really shines. There are multiple package options to suit whatever your needs may be, and all for a pretty incredible price. If you know you’ll be on the road quite a bit and you’ll be using a VPN service long term, the two-year package comes in under $85, which averages out to only about $3.50 a month. They also offer yearly plans and monthly plans at about $5 per month and $11 per month respectively, depending on your needs.

With over 2000 server locations around the world and easy-to-use software, PureVPN really sets the bar high when it comes to VPN service. It’s an incredible service that will keep you safe and secure while you’re on the road but won’t break the bank.

Best VPN Service #2: IVACY

Ivacy is one of the newer players on the VPN scene, and they’ve definitely come to the party ready to compete.  Ivacy may have fewer server locations and IP addresses than PureVPN, but they make up for that shortcoming by offering an incredible range of features that rockets them up into the top few VPN’s on the market.

As with other VPN’s on this list, Ivacy offers complete and secure traffic encryption, so nobody is reading what you’re sending out into the digital world. But one of the great features about Ivacy’s VPN service is the ability to set which traffic you would like under cover of your VPN and what traffic you don’t mind being slightly more exposed. This feature comes in handy when you’re sitting in your hotel room catching up on bills, but also streaming some video. You can keep your banking data completely safe, while not sacrificing any speed for streaming. Not many VPN’s offer this, and it’s a game-changer for many travelers.

Connection security can be tricky with some VPN’s – some will drop the connection without making it obvious and you’ll be exposed to the world without realizing it. However, Ivacy has a “kill switch” feature which stops all internet traffic from your device if their connection drops for any reason. This is extremely useful and provides great peace of mind on late night working sessions in your hotel when you might not immediately notice a disconnected VPN.

And for even more security, Ivacy will never track what you’re doing online. All internet service providers keep track of your browsing activity, and for the vast majority of us who aren’t breaking the law, there’s not a lot of concern about that. However, by using Ivacy, advertisers or your local ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing on the web, so you’ll be able to savor that anonymity even more. Ivacy swears that they don’t keep any data on user activity and we’ve seen nothing to prove otherwise.

Ivacy is available in two-year, one-year, or monthly subscriptions – all for incredibly reasonable prices. The two-year VPN service plan averages out at $4/month, the one-year at $3.33/month, or you can pay monthly for only $9.95.  So even though Ivacy offers slightly fewer server locations than some other VPN’s on the market, the robust features and low price makes them an extremely attractive option.

NordVPN – Virtual Private Network

Last on our list of best VPN service is NordVPN, a long-time industry leader that provides robust security and many useful features. With NordVPN you can secure up to six devices for you and your family, all at the same time, and on the same account – so that working vacation with the family just got a little easier and a little safer.

Some countries restrict access to certain websites for various political or financial reasons. That can be incredibly frustrating for international travelers who just want to be able to check Facebook, Skype with family or colleagues, or even just log on to their work computer remotely.  But by using NordVPN, you can connect through a US-based server and still handle all the tasks and activities that you do from home.

NordVPN’s software is easy to install and easy to use, with only one click to connect you to the fastest server for wherever you happen to be sitting. And their servers are top-of-the-line, meaning streaming or large downloads are still possible with NordVPN, depending on the speed of your local connection. And because security is such a common theme and factor when using a VPN service, they use military-grade encryption technology to completely obscure any data you’re sending. They even offer a “Double-VPN” setup, which encrypts your information twice, making it impossible to ever crack.

Like the other VPN services on this list, NordVPN doesn’t track any of your browsing, so they won’t be selling any of your data to third parties or serving you ads based on your browsing history.

NordVPN is priced competitively, and for all the features and security they provide, it’s impressive how affordable it is. The two-year plan rolls in at an average of $3.99/month and the one-year plan is only $6.99/month. If the monthly plan suits you better, that’ll set you back an easy $11.95/month.


Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about connecting to the sites you need or that your data is safe.  We worry about our internet security at home quite a bit but often trust that wherever we are when we’re not home will also provide a safe connection.  And while that’s usually the case, especially when staying in a hotel, it’s nice to know that solutions exist that can ensure nothing bad happens to the information you’re sending out.

Any of the VPN services on the list above provide a robust experience for a low price.  They all offer a high level of data security and peace of mind, but each offers a slightly different feature set that can make your traveling experiences easy and safe.  So before you hit the road for your next business trip, make sure you protect yourself and your data with a VPN.

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