You Can Vacation Anywhere in This Minimalist Luxury Cabin

If you think about it, your vacation destination options are highly limited, considering all of the spaces in the world where there aren’t places to sleep… or cook… or bathe. (Unless you’re into remote camping; if so, go about your usual business.) But LumiPod—a business that sells prefabricated homes—has come up with a design so minimal and stunning that you’ll feel like you’re a part of your natural surroundings.

The homes would be easy to miss if you saw one in the wild. They’re tiny, just about 18 feet in diameter and almost 11 feet tall. It’s a great option for those looking to turn a plot of land into a vacation home. If you’re looking for a temporary or one-time vacation destination, this may not be for you; but they sure are fun to daydream about.

Oxygen/Courtesy LumiPod by Lumicene

LumiPod’s homes are circular, consisting of a bedroom (with a panoramic view), bathroom, wardrobe, and a “technical room” housing the heating and cooling controls. You can choose between a handful of roof coverings to best fit the environment your tiny home is located, as listed out on the LumiPod website.

Oxygen/Courtesy LumiPod by Lumicene

The website shares that the home has been laid out in the style of “a 4-star hotel room,” from the seemingly suspended bed (it’s actually anchored into a small recess in the wall, giving it the feeling of suspension) to the black-out curtains along a curved rod. Imagine waking up to the sunrise completely unobstructed from any other building or person. Now you just have to find the perfect plot of land.

This article originally appeared on the Departures

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