Pack Your Trapper Keeper And Book This Lisa Frank Apartment ASAP

Have you ever wanted to make like a purple dolphin and dive right into the almost nauseatingly neon cornucopia of color that is the world of Lisa Frank?

Well, hold on to your butterfly clips, people, because now you can.

Starting Oct. 11, those nostalgic for neon can book a stay at the Lisa Frank Flat, a rental property in downtown Los Angeles that has transformed into every ’80s and ’90s kid’s ultimate fantasy.

The flat, which is available to stay in until Oct. 27, boasts such delights as a “technicolor rainbow window display,” the most sensory overloaded shower we’ve ever seen, and, of course, a dolphin-head-shaped toilet paper holder.

The kitchen is stocked with beloved ’90s snacks and the desk is filled with Lisa Frank pencils, folders and Trapper Keepers. While this room has all-nighter slumber party potential, in the event that you do want to sleep, you’ll do so beneath a mural of the animals famously featured in Frank paraphernalia.

The flat will set you back $199 per night and booking opens on Friday. We have a feeling this opportunity will go fast, so it might be worth asking your besties now to send a reminder to your beeper on the 11th.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post Travel News

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