12 Spot-On Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

12 Spot-On Gifts For People Who Love To Travel | HuffPost Life

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Travel gifts for people who love to travel.

Travel gifts for people who love to travel.

Are you finding it hard to shop for your friend or family member who’s never at their apartment for more than a week? Though many jet-setters might prefer experience gift ideas over physical gifts, it’s a fact that people who love to travel could use gear that makes their next trip a bit more enjoyable before takeoff.

If you’re shopping for travel gifts for people who love to travel, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a selection of top travel must-haves that make perfect gifts and travel stocking stuffers. You might just find yourself wanting to book a trip with them after this, too.

Take a look:

Silk accessories, like pillowcases and eye masks


Face masks


Face masks are essential for frequent flyers because planes are notorious for drying out skin. Nothing makes you feel refreshed after a day of travel like fresh, moisturized skin. Get them from Sephora.

A cocktail kit to ease their flight anxiety


A carry-on cocktail kit is as good as it sounds. All they’ll have to add is the alcohol. Choose from many popular drinks and gift this to the person who can’t get rid of that flight anxiety. Get it from Amazon.

A mini Away suitcase for toiletries

Away Luggage

A wallet for all their important documents


A multipurpose scarf

Uncommon Goods

A travel pillow that doubles as an infinity scarf is perfect for the person who can never rest on flights. They won’t have a bulky pillow encroaching into their already limited space and ruining their style. Get it from Uncommon Goods.

For the traveler with a lot of accessories


A travel jewelry box, for everyone who likes to accessorize their outfits while away, but complains about spending an hour unraveling tangled necklaces or trying to find errant rings in the bottom of a suitcase. Get it from Amazon.

Packing cubes


A travel steamer


A scarf that doubles as a blanket


Language learning subscriptions

Kritchanut via Getty Images

Trying gifting them a membership to a language app, like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo or Babbel. They can be prepared to fit in wherever they arrive, and have a few key phrases ready to whip out before they leave the airport.

Compression socks for long flights


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