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Uninvited Guests is an original podcast series produced by the Storied Hotels Content Studio and hosted by creator Stef Sanjati that explores the mysteries surrounding paranormal phenomena at the worlds most haunted and storied hotels.

Every hotel is a set, a stage, and a character within itself. The never-ending live-theater performance takes place in unfolding scenes from storied hallways, intimate lobbies, lively lounges, and endless rows of mysterious closed doors. From overnight guests to drop-in visitors and hotel associates, the panoply of people occupying a hotel at any given moment creates the ultimate improv performance.

And then there are some guests you checked-in, but never checked out. These are the stories of the hotels and the spirits who stayed.

In each episode of Uninvited Guests, host Stef Sanjati unpacks the history of one storied hotel, shares ghosts stories from guests and staff, and interviews paranormal experts to theorize about the spirit world.

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