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Historical or not, every hotel has a story to tell. And so does every guest!

We believe every hotel is a set, a stage, and a character within itself. A never-ending live-theater performance with unfolding scenes. From overnight guests to drop-in visitors to hotel associates, the panoply of people occupying a hotel at any given moment creates the ultimate improv performance. Characters from different walks of life, religions, and political persuasions change the storyline every single day. We tell their stories. Now we want to here yours!

Our editors are looking for hotels guests from around the world who want to share their storied stay.

Perhaps you had an amazing wedding at a hotel. Or did you stay at a haunted hotel and have a run in with a ghost? Did you get proposed to at a hotel or meet the love of your life? Close a big business deal? Maybe you experienced something that changed your perspective on something.

We're looking for stories that inspire others to travel more, visit the same hotel and create their own story.

We're not looking for reviews. You can leave those on TripAdvisor 🙂

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