Room Fur Everyone: 15 Storied Hotels That Open Their Doors and Pamper Your Pets

Traveling with pets has been a growing trend in recent years. It’s only right that some of the most storied hotels around the world open their doors to your furry friends. Check out a list of the most storied hotels around the world that you can enjoy right alongside your companion. Book your stay at either of these pet friendly hotels and allow your pet to experience your stay just as much as you do.

1. Radisson Martinique on Broadway

The Radisson Martinique on Broadway has been a staple in the history of New York. Ever since opening in 1897, it’s been a centerpiece in the Broadway theatre traditions of the city and even the creation of the PGA organization.

The Radisson Martinique is more than happy to welcome your pet through their iconic doorways. All of the hotel’s rooms and suites are pet-friendly, allowing dogs up to 30 pounds to stay for an additional fee of $25/night per pet. They provide a “Privileged Pooch Package” which will welcome your pet with a doggie welcome bag. You’ll receive a walking map of parks to visit around Manhattan with your dog and a resource guide for nearby pet grooming and maintenance. The package includes a special pooch room service menu.

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2. 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa was established during the Victorian Era. The hotel was known for providing entertainment and horse-riding for their wealthy guests. It was also used as a hospital and women’s college. Its rich history can be traced in the hotel’s archives on the fourth floor.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel used to be the home of the famous Morris the Cat, which initiated the opening of the hotel to pets. Dogs and cats (and other approved pets) are welcome to stay at the hotel at a rate of $25/night per pet. The pet friendly hotel is located at the popular Eureka Springs Bark Park, allowing plenty of space for your pet to play and relax. With the popularity of pets staying at the hotel, many restaurants in the area allow pets to dine in alongside you.

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3. Hotel del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado was destined to be a historic landmark ever since it was completed in 1888. It was granted official landmark status as an important symbol of the United States in 1977, hosting Presidents including Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and more.

Pets are welcome to stay at the Hotel del Coronado for a one-time charge of $125. Inform the hotel of your pet before your arrival, and they’ll be treated to welcome snacks and a gourmet room service menu. The hotel provides services such as pet-walking, pet-sitting, grooming, and more. Hotel del Coronado is located on a pet-friendly island where you can find a nearby dog beach or enjoy Yappy Hour at the hotel.

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4. InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel

The InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel was explicitly developed to be an iconic building of San Francisco. It is built in the location of the famous Mark Hopkins mansion which was prior destroyed. In addition to hosting many presidents and public figures, it was at this hotel where the United Nations was founded in 1945.

San Francisco is known for being a pet-friendly city, and the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel is one of the most luxurious 4-star hotels that allows your pet to accompany you during your stay. Dogs up to 25 pounds are allowed for a rate of $100/night per pet. Pet’s have access to many of the hotel’s features including the rooftop viewing platform where you can enjoy panoramic views of the bay with your dog.

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5. La Valencia Hotel

One of the most iconic features of the La Valencia Hotel is the gold and blue dome which was used for monitoring the skies during World War II. After the war, the hotel maintained it’s historic signature design which made it a popular residence for celebrities working in La Jolla. Several autographed photos remain hanging throughout the hotel.

Pets staying a the La Valencia Hotel get to enjoy the same VIP treatment. This “Very Important Pet” Package provides you with $25 dining credit for your pet and special gifts including a VIP dog tag, welcome bag, a custom-designed leash, and more. Your dog can enjoy pampering throughout your entire stay at this pet friendly hotel.

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6. Omni Parker House Boston

The Omni Parker House is the longest continuously operating hotel in the US since its opening in 1855. It was a favorite gathering place during America’s Golden Age of Literature, hosting many world-famous writers and other high-level meetings/press conferences.

The Omni Parker House is more than welcoming for pets to visit. The hotel charges a rate of $100/accommodation and allows pets up to two pets, 25 pounds each. It is one of the only hotels that you will find around Boston that will allow your pet to remain unattended in your hotel room. They provide a special “Pet Inside” tag for your door for privacy.

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7. The Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson Hotel has one of the most iconic architectural styles in Richmond, Virginia. It has played host to many historic gatherings for public figures. It was well known for using exotic animals swimming in its Palm Court to attract guests.

Animals aren’t used anymore as a gimmick, but pets are now welcome to enjoy a stay at the pet friendly hotel. Pets have at a $50/pet charge but include special dog amenities. Your pet will be treated with dog bowls and beds, snacks, and you’ll even get a walking map of the area of where to take your pet. Dog sitting services are available at the Jefferson Hotel.

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8. The Don CeSar St. Pete Beach

The Don CeSar has gone by many names throughout its history, most notably, Florida’s Pink Castle, because of its distinct design. This hotel has served as a getaway and entertainment center, including being a training camp for the New York Yankees.

The “Don” has a special “Loews Loves Pets program” which treats your pet like one of the hotel’s premier guests. They’ll be given a welcome bag upon arrival as well as homemade snacks delivered to your room every night. There are designated grassy areas for dogs to play and they can wind down in the evening with an in-room dog massage. The Don CeSar charges $45/pet per night and other services may have additional costs at this pet friendly hotel.

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9. The Drake Hotel Chicago

The Drake Hotel has been the site of some notable events in Chicago and hosted many world leaders. The on-site restaurant, Coq D’Or was one of the first to serve alcohol after the prohibition, and the Palm Court has hosted tea time for royalty including Queen Elizabeth II.

Pets are welcome to stay at The Drake Hotel with a $100 deposit. The hotel outsources luxury dog friendly accommodations and services, provided by Luxe Dog Nanny, who specializes in taking care of your dog. Your pet will be able to enjoy personalized attention from a dog nanny. Services at this pet friendly hotel include dog walking, nanny service, and dog concierge.

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10. The Rome Cavalieri

The Rome Cavalieri is operated by the Waldorf Astoria Resort group, known for opulence. Since its opening in 1963, the luxurious nature of the hotel has attracted celebrities namely in the film industry who stayed here while working in the city.

Your pet will be treated just like a movie star during your stay at the Rome Cavalieri. Their uniquely designed VIP “Very Important Pets” program includes pet guest services such as dog walking, a special dog menu, and even a personal trainer that can come to your room. There is also a doggy spa with all of the perks including shampoo, massage, and styling for your dog. Pets are allowed at a rate of EUR 35/day for each pet.

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11. Le Meurice Hotel Paris

Part of the claim to fame for the Le Meurice Hotel was started because of the famed greyhound who resided at the hotel. The rooftop panoramic views of Paris made it a popular choice for celebrities and ruler throughout its history.

Now, pets are treated like the top guests at the Le Meurice Hotel. There are several on-site groomers available at the hotel for your pet. They’ll get a full luxury experience with complimentary gifts, specially designed dog menus, and dog walking services that will take them on a stroll throughout the beautiful Tuileries Garden. In honor of the iconic greyhound, pets of all sizes are allowed to stay here for free.

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12. Ashford Castle

It’s not every day that you can stay in a castle but now you can at the Ashford Castle. It was the original home of the Guinness family dating back to 1228 but converted into a hotel in 1939.

Pets get a homely welcome at the Ashford Castle at a charge of EUR 40 but get access to the full pet services offered by the pet friendly hotel. Your room will be outfitted with a dog bed, a leash, and a water bowl for feeding. The hotel also provides services such as grooming and dog sitting. There is plenty of hotel grounds for your dog to enjoy the outdoors for running around or a leisurely walk.

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13. The Arch London

The Arch London was developed as a result of the unique traditional architecture of row townhouses in London. The hotel blends this cultural element of the city along with a location nearby to iconic landmarks to make it a popular destination while visiting London.

Pets get the royal treatment while staying at the Arch London’s dog friendly hotel. Dogs stay for free and have the advantage of having Hyde Park just minutes away. Your room will include amenities for your dog such as dog beds, blankets, bowls, and a variety of treats. The hotel’s restaurant, Hunter 486, is glad to service your dog with a specialized menu to dine alongside your furry friend.

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14. The Boat Hotel, Scotland

Scotland is known for being a popular destination for golfing. The Boat Hotel is located next to the Boat of Garten Golf Course, considered one of the top golfing courses. Many people who play on this course have opted to stay at this hotel.

The Boat hotel also is an excellent choice for pets while you’re practicing your swing at the iconic golf course. From the moment that you step foot in the hotel, your pet will be given a special “welcome pack” with treats and gifts for their stay. The hotel includes specially designed Deluxe Garden rooms make just for pet-owners. These rooms have a terraced balcony and lawn for playing with your pet in privacy.

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15. The Hughenden, Sydney

The Hughenden is the perfect hotel destination for a taste of traditional Victorian architecture in Australia. It’s a converted boutique hotel originally built in the 1870s that maintains the old charm of the original residence.

The Hughenden has opened its doors to not only dogs and cats, but even kangaroos have been permitted to stay here. Pets are treated like all other guests during your stay. Dog walking service is available as well as dining services provided for your pet. The hotel also includes a unique Doggy Day Spa for grooming your pet.

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