Hotel Scents: How to Make Your Home Smell Like the White Tea Candle by Westin Hotels

Hotels use specific scents to help create the atmosphere they’re seeking to convey. If, for example, they want you to feel at home in their hotel, they might use a soft mix of the scents of roses and tobacco. Whatever the scent is, it’s often used in candles or sprays to scent the air, as well as in soaps and lotions.

Westin Hotel’s signature scented, hand-poured soy blend White Tea Candle elevates your senses with the fragrant mix of sweet white tea and subtle notes of cedar and vanilla.

You can buy candle directly from Westin Hotel shop on The single candle is 12.5 oz. and has an approximate burn time of 60 hours and is made in the USA.

Read reviews and buy on while supplies last.

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