Why TV Journalist and Former Competitive Skater Hoang-Kim Can’t Wait to Stay at this Historic Canadian Hotel

by Storied Hotels Editors
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If you follow Hoang-Kim on Instagram, you might think she is a gorgeous social media influencer with a talent for figure skating and fabulous style (all true.)

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover the she is actually a TV journalist and storyteller (of the lifestyle blog, Color and Chic) who ice skated competitively for 11 years.

We recently sat down with Hoang-Kim to chat about her winter packing tips and must-visit destinations, and we’re sure she’ll motivate you to lace up some figure skates and take a winter getaway of your very own.

Q: You recently wrote about how to pack for a winter trip, where you break down how to stay warm AND fashionable. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Hoang-Kim: Yes! I’m all about staying warm and stylish from the feet up. My go-to winter footwear is Sorel -(available on Amazon) they have great options for men and women, actually. When it comes to clothing, I am all about layering base, mid and outer layers in a way that doesn’t make you look like a marshmallow. I always prefer to look as sleek as possible.

Q: What are your winter packing secrets?

Hoang-Kim: I never leave for a trip without my Simple Human Makeup Mirror (shop the mirrors here.) I cannot do makeup without it, and nothing else compares. I plan my packing around the mirror, to make sure it’s safe in my luggage. Next, I pack heaviest items to lightest. If I’m packing two coats, the second one goes on the bottom of my bag. I always layer my luggage, clothes on one side and items like toiletries, shoes, hairdryer, ice skates, on the other. Delsey Chatelet’s luggage (shop here) makes it easy to pack this way and looks really chic.

Q: When you get to a hotel, what’s the first thing you do with your clothes?

Hoang-Kim: That depends – if I am working with a hotel, I always shoot immediately before unpacking, while the room looks perfect. After I shoot, I hang up all the clothes that could wrinkle right away. Since I’m petite, I always bring a few hangers with me when I travel to avoid the “shoulder pull” that always happens from hangers that are too big. If I need to de-wrinkle anything later, I just bring into the bathroom with me while I’m taking a shower, and that always does the trick!

Q: What’s your favorite historic hotel you’ve visited recently?

Hoang-Kim: The Cavalier in Virginia Beach  – I just recently did a staycation there in October. It was a really old, run down hotel and they did a complete remodel on it but kept the original charm. They added in modern touches. They have very impressive guest list – US presidents, Muhammad Ali, F Scott Fitzgerald, Kim and Kanye. The service is just as wonderful as the setting.

Q: What’s at the top of your list for hotels to visit?

Hoang-Kim: I have this dream trip that I would love to bring to fruition, at the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Courtesy of Fairmont Banff Springs

Every winter, Lake Louise freezes over, and the hotel offers so many different activities for the winter, ice skating included, of course. One of my friends does skating cinematography, and has the most incredible on-ice perspective, and I would love for him to film me skating there. Plus, the views from the Fairmont look incredible.

That’s my travel getaway dream – one day we’ll make it happen, hopefully sooner rather than later!


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