8 of the Best Travel Journals To Buy Before Your Next Journey

What would we all do without our cameras on vacation to take photographs to highlight our experiences? But a major part that is missing from a photograph is that moment of exactly how you were feeling, the emotional side of the experience.

A lot of times when traveling you meet people but when you get back home there is a chance you may forget their names or the places you had gone to with them.

Having a travel journal at your side will allow you to capture all of the feelings and moments that become lost in a photograph. Writing your feelings and experiences is the best way to preserve that moment for you forever. Here are eight of our editors favorite.

1. Moleskine Passion Journal for Travel Journaling

For a traveler who would be exploring the outdoors and possibly roughing it up, this would be the perfect journal for you. The journal is hardcover with an elastic cover and rounded corners. There are even tabbed sections to assist you with expert note taking ideas. The pages are of the best quality made from Moleskin’s thick ivory paper. There are even stickers that come along with the journal to help enhance your writing experiences. The journal has 400 pages all ready to be filled in with your adventures and stories.

Available on amazon.com, $26

2. I Was Here Travel Book

This is a great journal for a traveler who prefers a more visually based journal with plenty of sections dedicated to reviews, local tips, addresses, and 21 blank pages for note taking in the back. The book includes a reference section referencing different time zones, weather conditions, and measurements for conversion. There are many checklists including a packing checklist and a ‘To Do Before Embarking’ so you can be fully organized and check off each item so you can feel safe and secure before you head off on your adventure!

Available on amazon.com, $12

3. Travel Listography

If you are a traveler who enjoys listing your previous and upcoming adventures in more of a time capsule way, then the Travel Listography book is for you. This book is pretty well fine tuned to the fact that there are sections called ‘Cities and States in the United States’ where you have one side to list all of the places that you have visited and then on the other side places you hope to visit. The book has over 70 different topics covering foods to try, countries to visit, and animals that you have seen during your worldly adventures.

Available on amazon.com, $15

4. Rifle Paper Wanderlust Journal

The travel journal by Rifle Paper Co. is a 208-page book which features gorgeous illustrations throughout the book. The book has a soft linen cover and smyth sewn binding for a more durable build to withstand your many adventures. The interior of the book features blank-gold inked lines giving writers plenty of room to write down all of your experiences in the most beautiful way.

Available on amazon.com, $15

5. Handcrafted Leather Travel Journal

This leather journal is handcrafted from the highest quality full grain leather with a smell of pure adventure. This journal has a particular rustic vintage look to it with its supple feel and soft look. The journal has 90 double-sided pages, perfect for sketching, note-taking, and writing about your experiences while on vacation. A very unique feature to this journal is the elastic strap that goes around the journal to keep it tightly closed.

Available on amazon.com, $25

6. En Route Travel Journal

Most travelers are more visual than others, so this would be the perfect travel book to house all of your travel sketches in. There are many pages which include checklists, day planners, word translations, and tips getting around a foreign country. The book is full of beautifully illustrated drawings and has 144 pages to keep you busy throughout your trip. This journal is made for the everyday traveler, wherever you find yourself.

Available on amazon.com, $12

8. You Are Here Journal

If you are a more of a mindful and spiritual traveler, the You Are Here Journal will help guide you through pure tranquility throughout your adventures. There are 190 pages focusing on mindfulness surrounding the topic of travel. There are many meditation exercises written out to keep you mentally calm during your trips. This is also a perfect companion for a student that will be studying abroad to help them cope during the transition from living away from home and allowing them to express their experiences while they are away.

Available on amazon.com, $13

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