StoryBooked – Discovering Your Own Potential with Alexi Pappas

Running takes Alexi Pappas to new places all over the world; it’s a sport she can always take with her. As the first Greek woman to run the 10km in the 2016 Olympic Games, Alexi inspires other young Greek girls to explore their own passions. Alexi traveled back to Greece to explore her own Greek heritage and stand in the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

StoryBooked is a documentary series following creatives on their personal journeys around the world, taking them to different destinations like Mexico, Poland, Morocco and Greece. Through their travels, each person gains a unique perspective as they explore the world, empowered by Marriott’s Loyalty program. Their stories illustrate a shared human experience – the universal language of creativity through personal expression – brought to life through their individual perspectives.

Featured Hotel: The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino

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