Editor’s Pick: Storied Bars of New York. Where Literary Luminaries Go to Drink

“Storied Bars of New York” is a beautifully written and photographed foray into the bars of New York’s literary community, past and present.

Author Delia Cabe is a self-described lifelong bookworm and NYC native whose voice shines in this upbeat, articulate, and enjoyable love letter to bars that have helped authors’ creative impulses flourish.

Want to know what it’s like to pull up a stool with the likes of Hemingway, Updike, or Capote? Curious how Jay McInerney takes his martini, or where to find Colson Whitehead’s favorite neighborhood bar?

For well-read drinkers and boozy bookworms everywhere comes Storied Bars of New York, a photographic and historical celebration of the best literary pubs, cocktail bars, and taverns of New York City.

Every chapter profiles an influential bar and comes complete with photographs, a laundry list of the literary clientele, a recipe for the establishment’s signature cocktail (as well as which authors were likely to order it), and a snapshot of its place in New York culture at the time of its eminence, as demonstrated by quotes from authors and excerpts from magazine reviews.

In a city where there is almost too much to explore, this guide will make finding your favorite erudite-cool drinking spot that much easier.

The book itself is small enough to be portable (useful, since the entries are arranged geographically), but substantial enough for a place on your coffee table, where it may be perused in a leisurely fashion.

If you love literature, history, New York, and/or interesting cocktails, this is the book for you!

You can buy the book now on Amazon.com

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