6 Reasons Why Sex is Actually Better in Hotel Rooms

The Science Behind It

The science behind why people enjoy having sex in a hotel’s room versus in their own homes is revealed, but it is not as black and white as some may think. When checking into a hotel you have this overcoming feeling of freedom in a space that is not technically your own but you are claiming it for the next couple of nights and you have the ability to do almost anything you would like to do in this room, including having sex. Also, staying in a hotel room you are more likely to be less anxious – which helps improve your sex drive and you are in a place where it is tidy and completely uncluttered.

Do Not Disturb

Hanging a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door seems to immediately excite people into the notion of sex. Research has shown that having sex in a hotel room, instead of your own home, can cause a huge rush of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which in turn is the control center for pleasure in our brains. So it turns out, hotel rooms have mystical powers that we are not even noticing!

Vacation Sex

For couples on a weekend getaway away from the kids completely liberates them of all responsibilities, whether it being chores or picking up the kids from school. Having that special time with your partner without having to worry about the kids barging in on you two will now give you both freedom to be as you were before the kids came along! These hotel getaways are also a great time for couples to spice up their marriages and try new things like role-playing and reimagining the two of you as characters meeting in the lobby bar and then going upstairs for a night of passion. Relationship therapists strongly encourage vacation sex for married couples to leave their everyday troubles and environment and give themselves the ability to let go and open up to intimacy.

The Ambiance

Some hotels and hotel rooms just ooze sex appeal the moment you step in. The interiors of the long dark hallways, the wood-paneled walls, and the thick heavy door to your room are enough to excite any guest. The first thing that most people look at when they walk into their room is the bed, they are judging the height, the way the bed was made, the lighting, and anything else they can spot. The hotel room minibar is another spot in the room that will enhance the sexual libido during your stay. You can make a nice and relaxing cocktail for yourself and for your guest to help you both relax and get more into the mood. A quick call downstairs and you can have a bottle of champagne and strawberries sent up to you before you can even get the bath ready. The ambiance is a big factor in enhancing a night of pure bliss.

Room Service

Along with ordering a bottle of champagne and strawberries up to your room, you can have an entire night of romance without even leaving your hotel room. Now, of course, you could have a lovely dinner downstairs with your significant other in the hotel restaurant, but there is just something special and romantic about ordering room service. Just deciding what you both will order and ringing downstairs to place your order is enough to turn you both on, especially since neither one of you has to worry about cooking! Once you hear that knock on the door and room service brings in that rolling tray with the perfectly pressed white tablecloth, you know you both are in for a treat. After devouring an incredible meal with wine there is nothing better to do than a night filled with passion and a wonderful nights sleep in that ever so comforting bed.

Check Out

After a night filled with passionate sex and you wake from your slumber, the next most exciting thing is the fact that you do not have to clean up a single thing – that alone is enough to make people go for round 2! Your bed is left completely unmade, used towels are left in the bathroom, and trash is left in the trashcans for someone else to clean up. This type of environment psychologically makes one feel as if everything that happened in that hotel room is now stuck in a time capsule. No one, but the two of you know what happened in that room and you can get away with exhibitionism because it can never be traced back to you. Hotel room sex allows guests to go out of their element and be someone else and when they check out, they are paying someone to take care of the dirty works.

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